Wonders of Winter event offers activities for all ages - Saturday, Feb. 8

Maple Grove Parks & Recreation will host Wonders of Winter on SAturday, February 8 from 11am-3pm at Central Park. There will be indoor and outdoor activities, including ice skating, wagon rides, a storytell, s'mores by the fire, and other food and drinks. Click here for more information.

Governor Walz Signs Executive Order, Commits to Making Minnesota an ‘Age-Friendly State’

Office of Governor Tim Walz, December 11, 2019

Governor Tim Walz today signed Executive Order 19-38 , establishing the Governor’s Council on an Age Friendly Minnesota and formalizing his commitment to making Minnesota the best state to live in at any age.

“Aging is a reality that we all face, whether it’s our parents and grandparents, our friends and neighbors, or ourselves,” said Governor Walz. “Everyone wants to live in a community that is respectful, inclusive, and supportive of our contributions and needs. This executive order coordinates efforts across agencies and sectors to move us all toward an age-friendly Minnesota.”

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"How Can Cities Handle The Oldest Population In History? New Report Tells Policy Makers To Embrace It."

Forbes, October 28, 2019

With its new report—“Age-Forward Cities for 2030”—the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging is challenging cities across the country and their leaders to move aging to the top of their policy agendas. "[T]oo many local leaders still overlook the connection between aging policies and their cities’ vitality and sustainability. They fail to consider their aging populations as they plan for economic development, and for housing, health and infrastructure needs."

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"Moving toward an age-friendly Minnesota: We still have much to do."

by Raejean Moone, MinnPost. November 15, 2019

For the last few decades those working in aging painted a picture of our rapidly changing Minnesota. They targeted 2020 as a key year – the first year we will have more adults over age 65 than children in school. Twenty years ago this seemed so far way, but we are now just months from this demographic reality. The question is: Are we ready?

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Volunteers needed to conduct business and park audits! (It’s easy!)

Age-Friendly Maple Grove wants to know if local parks, public facilities and businesses are accessible and inviting to residents of all ages and physical abilities. As part of its action plan, AF MG is conducting audits of local businesses and public spaces to find out.

Community volunteers are needed to help conduct the audits, which are quick and easy to do and will be generate important information. Simply print out the audit (or pick one up at the Community Center), take it to the business or park of your choice, and complete it as best you can.

Click here to download the Business Audit.
Click here to download the Outdoor Spaces Audit.

Information gathered from the audits will help AF MG better understand what changes would make local parks and businesses better places for older residents.

Local businesses are a very important part of the community. They provide needed goods and services, employ residents, and are places to connect with the community. An age-friendly business knowledgeably provides great service to all ages. This includes its physical building—easy-to-open doors, spaces wide enough to navigate easily, places to sit and rest—as well as high-level customer service.

The city can ensure that its extensive park system – a tremendous local resource – appeals to older residents by learning more about what features older people want and need. This goes beyond accessibility to understanding how older adults of all ages and abilities are interested in taking advantage of the city’s parks as places for fitness, socializing, or quiet reflection.

Completing an audit is a great way for residents to contribute to Age-Friendly Maple Grove and bettering the community. Reach us through Contact Us page for more information, or call 763-494-6524.